Thursday, April 9, 2009

Resepi Kek Chiffon Keju [baked in a rice cooker]


Last night (or was it the day before?) I had a severe attack of Blimey!-I'm-craving-for-a-cheesecake. And not just any cheesecake. A lovely, yummy, smooth, soft, and deliciousss baked cheesecake.

Now, without a reliable and dependable oven in the house, I had my doubts in using my multi-function rice cooker. A few months back I had a disastrous misadventure of baking a cheesecake (bain-marie style) with my doorless-oven. The result? As you would expect. A top-and-bottom-baked cake with uncooked batter in the middle. Huhu... Goes to show, a doorless-oven is not a good thing to use when baking a soufle kind of cake.

I digress.

Anyhow, as my stomache was far more important than my mind or baking skills, I stood firm and quite easily (very suprising), managed to whip up a yummy baked cheesecake. (Hubby was snoring away peacefully with Taufiq sprawling asleep in his arm at that time).

The result? I'm now the proud owner of an 8.5" baked cheesecake, topped with a drizzle of melted chocolate. Muahahaha... (sengal mak Taufiq). The latest I baked (10 April) I added blueberry filling as topping. Yummy... Sedap gak.

The top wasn't too smooth as I didn't smooth it out before baking (duuuuuh) but the important thing was Hubby gave it a Thumb's Up (which is a VERY Sacred Sign that I got his approval). I'm definitely be making this again.

I dunno what's up with me but it's been a couple of weeks I've been crazy over cheese, cheese, and yet more CHEESE. Must be mad. Or worse (or better, depends on how you look at it) ngidam. Hahaha...

Here's the recipe. But be warned that mine came out a bit dense because I used my rice cooker. If you're using an oven and a chiffon pan, it'll (hopefully) turn out ok. Hehe...

Kek Chiffon Keju (matgebu@tiffinbiru.blogspot)

60ml susu cair
40g cream cheese (I used 50g)
25g mentega
1/2 st esen vanila
65g tepung gandum (I used 1/2C tepung kek)
4 kuning telur
4 putih telur
100g gula halus
secubit garam halus (I eliminated)
1/4st cream of tartar


  1. Satukan cream cheese, susu cair, dan mentega dalam bekas tahan panas, cairkan kaedah double-boiler hingga sebati dan bersatu. Alihkan dan biar sejuk sikit.
  2. Masukkan tepung, gaul rata. Tambah kuning telur dan esen vanila, kacau sebati. Ketepikan sebentar.
  3. Putar putih telur hingga berbuih. Masukkan gula halus sedikit demi sedikit hingga habis, tambah garam halus dan cream of tartar. Putar hingga kental.
  4. Gaulkan No.3 ke dalam No.2 secara kaup balik hingga rata. Tuangkan dalam tin chiffon 23cm (tak perlu digris).
  5. Bakar dalam oven yang telah dipanaskan terlebih dahulu, 175C, selama 35-40 min. Bila dah masak, keluarkan dan terbalikkan tin. Biarkan hingga sejuk. (ku bakar dalam rice cooker yang ada function 'Cake')
  6. Sisip tepi tin dan dasarnya, potong dan hidangkan.

N/B: Kek akan mengecut sikit bila sejuk. Sebabnya? Ia jenis chiffon dan sebaiknya guna loyang chiffon.

UPDATE 7/4/2011: I really must try this again and bake it in the oven :P

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