Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another order please!

Last night Kak Ti and her neighbour ordered a 1/2 kilo choc moist cake each. Heheh... As always, I experimented using another topping, this time using chocolate ganache made from whipping cream and chocolate bar.

I dunno what they comment on the taste yet but I've tried it before using it on cupcakes I made a few weeks back and it tasted rather delicous (if I may say so myself). It's more creamy than the earlier topping I used. The downside is, it doesn't hold up very well in humid environment. So the cake has to be refridgerated before eating.

Last evening, just as I was decorating the cake without the existence of electricity in my house (power failure la), I was agahst (betul ke spelling?) when all of a sudden the ganache I used for piping suddenly melted in my hands. *Gasp!*

Moral of the story, ganache using whipping cream is better used in a cool, dry place :P Especially if the ratio of the choc : whip cream is 1:1 :P The thing is, I tried using ratio 2:1 but the ganache susah gileer nak kuar dari tiub. Hahaha...

Anyway, aside from that and the fact that Taufiq was bawling his lungs out due to the heat, I rather enjoyed decorating the cakes. I made a Teddy Bear cake and a regular round one. At first I wanted to add colour and make a furry coating for the bear but as it turns out luck was against me. I couldn't use my mixer so I had to abandon my intentions till next time (ada sape nak kek teddy lagi? Gatal nak deco buat furry animal ni) :P Poor Mr. Teddy only got a chocolate coating without any other clothings. Haha... yang terernya I decorated in a somewhat dark atmosphere (dapur gelap walaupun dah buka tingkap).

Poor Mr. Teddy Bear takde baju

Try mendeco walaupun takde karan :P Golap gelita dunia den

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