Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sponge Cake in a Cup


Kinda sleepy but me eyes won't shut (har har). So, what's new today? Huhu, you may not believe it but I tried baking a sponge cake in my new super duper rice cooker ;)

"Rice cooker?!" you're saying.

Yup, you got that right. Hubby made a suprise last weekend by buying me a micro-computer cooker which is multi-function - it can cook, bake cakes, make soup and whip up a porridge. I've only tried cooking rice in it and just now I've tried baking a sponge cake in it. Huhu... Weird, huh, using a rice cooker? The story began when all four of my rice cookers decided to have a strike after using them for only 3-6 months or so. I dunno why but ada la kena elektrik shock la terbakar la pembakar kemek la. Huhu... En. hubby kata kita ni memang takleh pakai barang murah, adaaaa je tak tahan nanti. Huhuhu... Gitu la citenya nape hubby what suprise, hehe... ARIGATO, bang..

Hehe... The funny thing is, this is the first time I've ever made a sponge cake, whether it's using an oven or rice cooker. Rather apprehensive (at first), I made half the recipe and halved it again; one using the rice cooker, the other using the doorless oven. The later I made it into two cupcakes. The cupcakes turned up pretty nice but not too sweet (penimbang punya hal la ni). The rice cooker cake turned up spongey (suprisingly), though rather holey in the middle (hehe..) I don't know why but it's probably because I used 1/4 of the batter, jadi keknya nipis sikit. Haha.
On the whole, it can be said that the experiment for sponge rice cooker cake is OKEY DOKEY (belum finale lagi, kena try kek moist tengok jadi ke tak). Hehe, tengah sengal minggu ni and bajet lari but I'm thinking of baking a cheese cake in that rice cooker. Huhu... Kena tengok camne nanti...

Sponge cake in a cup (habis kena cucuk dengan lidi) :p Nape ntah tertarik dari cup dia. Hmmm...

Tekstur baiiik punya (rather dark because ++serbuk koko)

Tekstur kek guna rice cooker canggih. Hehe... Memang spongey

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