Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Me Taufiq's Pics

Seems like donkey years since I last updated this blog. Huhu... Don't have time maaah...... (yela tu)

Been meaning to upload a few snapshots of my Budak Kecik Nak Jadi Besar @ Taufiq but as always, housework comes first :P So here are a few for you to sink your teeth into.

Yeah, me and grandpops are gettin' on like a house on fire
Contemplating about the future

Journey of discovery- and losing a sock in the process

Like my new clothes? Grandma gave 'em to me ;)

Wanna pwaaay wif me?

I know it doesn't look much.....at least there's a roof over my head. Right?

The cool guy - up close and personal
Hey you...wanna biscuit?

Free massage anyone?

Cool guy with the cool shades (spek abah sebenarnya :P )

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