Friday, November 7, 2008

Resepi Kuah Yong Taufu [or steamboat]

A couple of days ago I got extra busy and made myself a chocolate cake with chocolate + coffee icing. My, did my teeth nearly fall off with all that sinful sweetness! Hubby said it was a tad too sweet for him and it wasn't suprising, considering I secretly added a layer of chocolate ganache underneath all that icing *wink, wink*

Truth be told, it was the second time I made a butter icing. The first time was a disaster 'cause I used blended granulated sugar *har har..* You could still feel the crunch crunch when eating it :p (dahla bagi mak mertuaku rasa, huhu... Jatuh reputasi gue). So now I'm in search of a new butter icing recipe without using too much icing, huhu...

I don't know what came over my husband but I suspect he was having a case of mengidam over a good steamy plate of Yong Tau Fu (dah lama dah dia tak makan, huhu). We bought half a kilo of mixed veggie/seafood at Giant's the other day and he asked me to make a Kuah Yong Tau Fu which, frankly, I never made before. Poor me and Taufiq were sick that morning, so my husband considerately cooked a chicken leg in boiling hot water himself, for about an hour, to make the broth. Only trouble is the fat of the chicken leg didn't came oozing out like it always did. Turns out you have to use fresh chicken legs to do that, huhu... So in order to make it up I popped in a Maggi chicken stock and 2 cloves of garlic with an inch of ginger and let it boil for about another hour or so. When nearly all the liquid was disolved I added a pinch of salt. It then turned out better than the earlier version, huhu...

So the next step was to search for the Kuah Yong Tau Fu. I did find some recipes but some of the ingredients just didn't setuju with my tekak. In the end I more or less made it up myself, with a few handy hints/ideas from my hubby, hehe... The original recipe is from website or you could look below.

As usual, dah nak habis baru teringat nak tangkap gambar. Huhu...

The cake - by Zack Zachoes

Kuah Yong Tau Fu/Steamboat (2 person kot)

1 sb cili giling
1/2 inci gula melaka
1 1/2 sb tepung jagung + sedikit air
1 sb minyak
1 sb sos tiram
1 sb sos tomato
1 sb sos cili
secubit garam
sedikit gula
2 C air
bijan goreng

  1. Goreng gula melaka bersama minyak hingga mendidih.
  2. Masukkan cili dan biarkan mendidih sebentar. Masukkan air perlahan-lahan (ia akan melonjak2) dan biarkan mendidih sebentar.
  3. Masukkan sos tiram, sos cili dan sos tomato. Kemudian masukkan bancuhan tepung jagung bagi memekatkan kuah.
  4. Masukkan garam dan gula (jika kurang rasa).

  5. Taburkan bijan goreng ketika menghidang.

Komen: Hubby said "It's real sedaap" macam iklan mee sedap, hehe... As always, feel free to add in whatever ingredients you want. When I did this I didn't have any bijan goreng but it still tasted yummylicous ;) Both me and my husband don't eat too much spicy food, hence the small quantity of cili and no hint of belacan.

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