Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Taufiq is nearly budak kecik dah jadi besar

Went to Giant this evening to buy some essential things for my fridge. Huhu... 'Twas packed with all kinds of folks- from lil toots to tottering ol' grandmas. Wasn't suprising considering it was gaji day today. Huhu... Wish I had a billion dollars. Wouldn't I just lurve to buy a bigger fridge.

As usual, I got to carry around Taufiq when we went shopping. Nearly had an indigestion when Taufiq nearly slid through my pelukan (he was asleep. I swear that kid did that on purpose. He's forever taking snoozes when we're out shopping). And man, if I didn't know better I'd swear he's added another 10kg. Huhu... Dahla mak bapaknya kurus kedengking :P Taip hari exercise free je.

The first thing we did when we grabbed a cart was to usha-usha the line of fridges at the entrance. We have our eye on a beaut, make LG. The price's a beaut too, about a thou ringgit or so. Then we usha-usha an oven, cost about RM250+- or so. It was big, like the size of my mak mertua's oven. After that we headed for the food section and grabbed the essentials that we needed; like potato wedges, half a kilo of chicken to make tandoori, and a pound of beef. I didn't have the mood to make complicated dishes this week so I told hubby to get easy-to-cook food instead. Haha... Pemalasnya mak........

While we were usha-ushaing some other things, my eyes accidently wandered to three pairs of kid socks hanging at a rack. The price was reasonable, about RM5+- or so. Of course, being a mother I just grabbed a pack and tossed it in the cart. Can't wait to try it on Taufiq 'cause he couldn't fit his baby socks no more (case nak jimat la ni, kid's quickly growing outa his clothes. Badan pun mengalahkan budak 1 tahun. Huhu... Sabau jela).

So tomorrow I'm going to wash his new socks and try them out to see if they fit. Kalau fit, be prepared to party because my Taufiq is nearly budak kecik dah jadi besar. Till then, adios!

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