Thursday, November 6, 2008

What If...

What if I were rich...
Would I be a humble and generous person?
Or be an arrogant and stingy Mrs. Scrooge?

What if I were a genius...
Would I help to save the world from all its turmoil?
Or worsen it with nuclear bombs and other weapons of mass distruction?

What if I were beautiful?
Would I be unaware of my beauty?
Or use it to my advantage?

What if I were big and strong?
Would I help the weak and sick?
Or would I turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to their helplessness?

What if I were young?
Would I always think of dying one day?
Or would I just delude myself with immortality?

What if I were happy?
Would I share my happiness with others?
Or would I ignore those who are sad and need a shoulder to cry on?

What if I were bad?
Would I think I will be good and amend myself to all my sins?
Or would I just continue living in ignorance till the end of time?

What if I didn't exist?
Would I never be a nuisance to anybody?
Or would everybody's lives go on just as before?

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