Wednesday, November 5, 2008

When in Doubt, Eat [banana] Cake


Don't know what to do today. La la la la laaa.

Had another attack of cake today but this time it's banana cake. Muahaha... So apa lagi. Lenyek pisang, jangan tak lenyekkk. Huhuhu... Truth is, there's a bunch of really old bananas that's quietly rotting away in my fridge (and I mean really rotting, as in turning black, I suppose?). So, instead of letting them all go to waste, I made it my duty to search the Internet for a kek pisang kukus.

"Kukus? Again?!" you say. Yup, due to the lack of an oven door, *sambil jeling-jeling oven. Bila la cik abang nak beli baru ni. Huhu..* kukus is the only way to go. So I dug around and found some two or three recipes that called for kukus-ing, and used the most economical way of sellecting the most appropriate recipe, by the use my finger and chanting eeny-meeny-miny-mo. And the winner is... Kek Pisang Kukus Sabrina from the website! Muahaha...

And here's the recipe in case you're thinking of kukus-ing your own banana cake.

Kek Pisang Kukus Sabrina from

2 cawan tepung kek naik sendiri (I used tepung gandum+1 sk baking powder)
1/2 sudu teh bikarbonat soda
3/4 cawan gula
2 biji telur
1 1/2 cawan pisang emas yang dilenyek
1/2 cawan minyak
Sedikit esen pisang

  1. Pukul telur dengan gula sehingga gula hancur.
  2. Masukkan pisang + esen.
  3. Masukkan minyak.
  4. Akhir sekali masukkan tepung kek naik sendiri + soda bikarbonat (yg telah di ayak).
  5. Masukkan dalam loyang dilengser minyak dan tutup dengan foil.
  6. Kukuskan (I did an hour).

Komen: My cake shrunk! Well, yeah, ok, so I tweaked the recipe a bit, and maybe used too much banana (I blended instead of lenyek, huhu...) and, well, yeah, I might've blended all the ingredients instead of using the kaup balik method or something, but the important thing is...THERE IS NO MORE ROTTING BANANAS IN MY FRIDGE! Yippee! And if your cake looks as shrunken and as wizen as an old man's face (kidding), just camouflage it and pour a generous amount of chocolate to cover it (muahaha...)

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