Monday, January 12, 2009

Homemade icing coupler ring

Because I'm a desperate housewife, I made my own piping bag with coupler ring last night, with the handy help from my husband. Huhuhu...

You might be wondering what one earth's a piping bag with coupler ring? Well, it is generally used for icing cakes and looks something like below and consists of two parts: the base and the ring.
Piping bag with coupler ring

This is my version looks something like it's just been squashed by a truck:

Homemade piping bag with coupler ring

However, it's dead handy, very economical and relatively easy to make. All you need is an unused drinking bottle with its cap, a sharp pen knife, icing tips and plactic bags.

First, you take your old chamber and place it on top of the bottle cap. Then, draw a circle on it. Using pen knife, make a nice round hole through the cap. You'll get something like this:

The ring

Then, cut off the upper part of the bottle, just below the 'ring'. It looks akin to this:

Old piping tube (yang menyusahkan. Haha)

The 'base' from an old bottle- to be put in the piping bag

Put your tip on top of the 'base', screw in the cap or "ring" , and voila! You made yourself an icing coupler ring!

Homemade icing coupler (with the tip enter-frame :P )

The assembled parts

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