Friday, January 2, 2009

It's a jungle life

As usual, life goes on for a non-working momma while the whole world's snoring away peacefully.

My body's still sore from pulling up weeds, lemon grass, and daun pandan in the mini jungle out back last Thursday. You could say it's kind of a new year resolution, trying to rid of weeds and twines that keep popping up and poking their nasty lil' claw-like, thorny tentacles (they look like tentacles to me) under my kitchen door.

So there I was, spending a perfectly sunny morning stuffing armfuls of dead leaves, dead pandan roots, and all kinds of rubbish in sacks. Had to stop early though 'cause I ran out of sacks, haha. It was a blessing because, eventhough a tiger could've hidden in the mini jungle and you mightn't have known it, there wasn't any pesky mosquitoes laying about in all that rubbish. Good thing, too, or both my husband and I would've been sued for mosquitoe-breeding, haha... After two weeks of mindless house-keeping activities, plus, juggling time for both my son and hubby, it was time for a quiet R&R. Like I wrote before, I managed to 'decorate' two cakes with the 'help' of my lil one. So the result is as you see below:

Mr. Teddy-Bear and the strawberry-iced chocolate cake

See the pinkish icing? It's strawberry-flavoured and as my husband already eaten half the cake and nearly all the teddy-bear, I'd say it was a successful experiment, hehehe... So, till next time. See ya!


Propana said...

cedapnyer kek dier :)
bentuk teddy bear plak tu.

Ummie said...

who can resist to see that mouth-watering strawberry flavoured cake? i loved your cake eventhough i haven't eat it. i knew it so delicious as your hubby can't stop from eating it. finished sudah?? ala.. nak cikit. waaaa. zack.. if i havent get my electrik oven yet, i booked tat teddy cake from you haaa. for my princess birthday.. hehe.