Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Hard-Working Momma's Back Again!


What to do, what to do? The non-working ol' momma is back again, and armed with a most determined mind.

So what's she been doing these last couple of days? The answer: cooking and baking like mad!

Now that I have my own oven (be it an oven tangkring, but an oven non the less), I've managed to convince dear hubby in buying me an oven thermometer from abroad. And from U.S.A. for that matter :p

It's small and neat, just right to put in my oven. I bought it from eBay (thank heavens for internet :p) for the price of RM31.00+-. However, the price of the thermometer was far cheaper than it's postage :p

So here's the outcome of my latest cooking/baking weekends :P

Made lasagna to asah my bakat balik (nak ajak orang nnt ;) )

Japanese souffle cheesecake (resepi nanti yer)

Baked choc moist cake

Hotdog bun (resepi pun nanti yer)

Bun dah jadi benjo :P

1 comment:

Ummie said...

salam. zack, tempah lasagna satu. hehe. dah lama sangat tak makan. nak beli kat pizza hut, mahai bebenor. cenonet plak tu.hehe.nak try gak buat lasagna. nanti bagi resepi ek.