Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Hot Choc and a Birthday Cake


There's nothing nicer than a mug of hot choc and a slice of pizza to take away the edge of hunger during the witching hour.

As always, hubby and Taufiq are in slumberland while the ol' non-working momma is awake and munching on warm pizza in the dead of the night. I wonder if all non-working mommas with little tots around the world are as hungry as I am at night? It's a wonder I don't gain weight at all :P To all breast-feeding mommas in the world, keep up the good work and never forsake your child when he's hungry. Hip hip, hurrah!

Anyway, been meaning to upload a picture of my Taufiq's birthday cake (his birthday was on 1st July) but whether it was plain laziness on my part or the PC's Fault (it's OK now), in the end it took me half a month to write about it. (Huhu... Sori Pik, lagipun abah dah tulis kat blog abah kan? Yang penting, orang dah tahu).

This was the first cake I baked since last April. The reason? Harga barang dah naik laaa.. Huhu... But don't worry, skill masih ada ;) Cuma karat sikit aje la :P Geram sampai giget-giget jari tapi tahan jela. Better to use the flour to make cucur or roti than to eat sweeties all the time, right? Right. But now that I have an oven, it'll be harder still to curb my cravings on cheesecakes, sponge cakes, choc chips cupcakes, choc chic biscuits, and the like. Huahaha... Dugaaan.. Sabo ajela ek...

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