Monday, July 13, 2009

Ho ho.. Yeaah.. It's Time To Grill!

"Ho ho... Yeaaah.. It's time to grill!"

Trade mark En. Hubby masa memanggang lamb chop atas grill baru-baru ni. Heheheh...

Last Sunday, apart from buying a traditional oven a.k.a. oven tangkring, we also bought a Fancy Grill made in Indonesia. The thing I realise for some time is that lots of wares in Tawau are from Indonesia. Must be because we're near Kalimantan. Even the bumbu soto I got a few months back were (smuggled) from Indonesia (shhhh...kastam tahu habis stok soto gue :P )

Anway, back to the grill. We didn't actually planned on buying a grill. As we were inspecting the oven, En. Hubby said "Alang-alang beli jela gril sekali." Apa lagi, my eyes lit up and sparkled at the idea, but of course, for the sake of appearing cool, I answered nonchalantly "OK gak, leh try masak sate ek?"

So began the story of the Oven and the Grill (hmmm.. Mungkin boleh buat cite ni). Sebenarnya, gril yang berjasa dulu. Oven baru je nak berjasa hari ni. Oleh kerana banyak sangat terpengaruh dari cerita Licence to Grill, En. Hubby kata biar dia marinade dan panggang lamb chop atas gril (sebenarnya aku yang reti tak nak panggang, balik-balik hangus jadinya. Haha..)

And so En. Hubby took over the kitchen while the Pn. Wifey swings and sways her legs to the music as she watches her hubby expertly flips the chop in the air (cewaah, konon :p )

A lil' bit of this...a lil' bit of that...

Add a dash of basil..

Oil the grill so it won't stick too much..

Flip it over.. Ho ho.. Yeaaah..

Nearly done...

Serve warm.. And ready to eat..

The verdict: Tried and tested the lamb chop and found it to be a tiny bit nauseating. Huhuhu.. Ya ampuuun mas.. But overall the taste was all there- spicy, salty, a bit tangy, and a tad sweet. 'Twas a pity it was lamb chop. If it were ordinary beef I bet it'll kick our tastebuds to the moon. Ho ho... Yeaaah.. Don't worry, there's more beef in the fridge, bebeh ;)

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