Monday, November 2, 2009

Pic Only OK Guys? Ngantuk Dah Ni..Roti Nasi, Nasi Goreng Seafood & Bun Coklat


I've been meaning to try this recipe using nasi or rice for making bread. Mmm.. Tasted very unique (lemak dan terasa nasinya :p ) but on the whole, it was very unique and a great way to use leftover rice :P

The texture after baking was soft but as it cooled down a little, it went a little hard-ish with tiny lumps of unblended rice in it. Hmmm.. Must be because I used cold rice from the fridge (couldn't wait for it to thaw) but I'll definitely will try this again, using warm rice. And absent-mindedly, I forgot to put in the salt which explained why it tasted a LOT like plain ol' nasi. Huhuhu... Padan muka gue :P Cuai sangat. Huahaha..

The Rising of The Dough

Out of the oven [tangkring]

Soft on the inside [can you see the tiny rice? Harhar..]

One thing I need to remember - get myself a serated knife. It just won't do cutting slices of bread using a regular knife. You'll just find yourself with a small mountain of breadcrumbs. Also, please wait for it to cool down a bit before slicing it (unlike yours trully :p )

N/B: Darn, I really got to get a taller loaf tin. The current one's just too short to make a decent-size sandwich bread. For 200g-250g of flour used, the current one's ok (it doesn't overflow) but for 500g of flour used, a taller loaf tin is needed. Better still, the one with a lid will give a block-shaped bread like in the supermarkets. Hmmm... Gotta go survey that bakery shop next time. Huahaha... Musti mahal ek?

Lebihan nasi menjadi nasi goreng seafood

A bit blurred, you say? Heck, I'm a housewife, not a photographer :P

Choc bun- excellently soft and chewy, just like from a bakeryshop :p

A picture paints a thousand words. Need I say more?

One thing that makes me smile from ear to ear. This is one time I'm trully satisfied with the outcome of my breads@buns. Even hubby couldn't believe his eyes/mouth/fingers when he saw/tasted/touched the buns. 'Macam beli kat kedai', he said.

Kembang hidung semangkuk. Huahahaha...


fiyan parent's said...

bila mo hntr ini bun pi koperasi... sedapnya makan dgn kopi susu panas

Zack Zachoes said...

huhu, memang sedaaaap kak. lembot gitu, ala2 beli kat kedai bakeri punya. ni kalau buat bentk pintal pastu inti krim coklat besh ni. hehe.. pk2 bila la mo letak kt koperasi ni. hehe..