Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Resepi Buttercream [using egg whites]

The ol' non-working momma's been having fun in the kitchen for a few days now. Muahaha...

Baked a Moist Chocolate Chiffon cake yesterday but didn't have time to get it decorated. Huhu... Only today I had the 'free' time to go sit and play around with my buttercream. And it's not always I get to handle buttercream. For one thing it's a messy job washing the utensils after making it. And for another, I haven't found THE ONE buttercream that suits my liking. That's one of the reasons why I haven't done any 'promosi' for cakes that uses buttercream. Huhuhu... (Tak suka buttercream yang terlampau manis).

Oh yeah, pity I forgot to take a picture of the Japanese Souffle Cheesecake I baked last Monday. What to do, sekali hadap je dah habis. Huhu.. Rumah ni gila cheese, termasuk anakku Taufiq. Hehe.. Last night went to bakery supply shop, konon mau beli cream cheese. But they ran out of stock, so I drove to Giant, thinking I could buy a block or two there. Turns out Giant didn't sell any cream cheese that day. Sob sob.. Karsian... Anyway, the Souffle Cheesecake I baked was really delicious, a lot like Cotton Soft Japanese Cheesecake, but a bit more tastier and padat then Cotton Soft . Souffle Cheesecake uses about 200g cream cheese for 3 eggs, compared to the Cotton Soft which uses 250g cream cheese for 6 eggs, so you can taste more cheese in the Souffle Cheesecake.

As it didn't have too many eggs in it, I didn't have much problem in beating the egg whites into fluffy clouds (my stand mixer's too small, that's why I avoid making cakes that uses 6 egg whites, unless I halved the recipe.) Taste-wise, I'll stick to the this Japanese Souffle Cheesecake next time.

Moist Chocolate Chiffon decorated using buttercream

In case you're wondering, here's the recipe for the buttercream I used. It uses egg whites, so for those who are health-concious people, better use meringue powder or Omega-3 eggs. The bacteria gets killed when we pour in the hot syrup while whisking the eggs whites, so I don't think there's any problem there. It keeps up to two weeks in the fridge, months in the freezer, when stored in an-air tight container. Though I doubt the cake will last that long if a lot of people are eating it :p

Resepi Buttercream [using egg whites] (By Aunty Yochanna@blogpsot.com)
200g sugar
60ml air

140g putih telur (1 telur approx. 35g egg white)

300g cold butter (dari peti ais)
300g majerin

  1. Didihkan gula dan air hingga pekat tapi masih dapat dituang. Jangan terlebih didih nanti sirap gula jadi keras dan tak boleh dituang (kalau kena, tambah air sikit dan didih kembali).
  2. Pukul putih telur hingga kental/medium peak, tuangkan sirap gula.
  3. Pukul hingga putih telur menjadi sejuk/cool.
  4. Masukkan butter (yang seeloknya dipotong kiub) satu persatu, diikuti majerin, dan pukul hingga pekat dan gebu.

Note: Ku guna 1/3 bahagian butter, 1/3 bahagian shortening, 1/3 bahagian krimwell@cremello. And I added more powdered sugar and 1tsp vanilla essence at the end to sweeten it more. Rasa seakan buttercream kat kedai kek, but then, I never really like buttercream even from the shops! :p You can use this as a frosting, icing cakes, swiss rolls, the likes. I added a bit of chocolate emulco to make the frosting in the middle of the cake.

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