Saturday, May 23, 2009

Senyap tapi tak malas k :P

During these last few weeks I wasn't in the mood to do any spot of blogging.

The reason? My PC's gone haywire and frankly I haven't the foggiest idea what to write about :P

But that doesn't mean I've been lazing about doing nothing. On the contrary, I used the time to dig into my trusty ol' recipe books and used my 'brilliant' brains in order to whip up delicious and tasty meals for the family, while at the same time juggling with what's left in the fridge. (Yeah, my fridge is darn empty at times, especially of fresh greens).

I find that the less food or ingredients you have in your fridge, the more creative you get, not to say a great deal more zealous. For example, say you only have potatoes and a slice of chicken fillet in your icebox. Of course, just frying 'em as they are is no offence but when in dire need of something more tasty, you could go and whip up some Bergedil Breadcrumbs which taste like half of bergedil (figures) and half of nugget.

Bergedil breadcrumbs for tea (macam chicken fingers lak rupa :p )

I've also been trying some recipes of traditional food like kueh lopes and apam balik but using shortcut methods (when I'm feeling hungry but want something fast, I also go the easy way). The kueh lopes was easy as it used microwave instead of steaming, while the apam balik tasted just like apam balik back home in Johor (cewaah, masuk bakul angkat sendiri :p ). My hubby and I like it thin to give it more crunch; hence, the thin slices.

Kueh lopes perantau (memang pun, kan merantau ni :p )

Apam terbalik-balik (nasib baik tak terlekat-lekat dalam not-a-non-stick pan :p )

My hubby and I have been tying our perut and tying our anak tekak from eating too much seafood (Taufiq's allergic to them, he goes up in spots if his mum eats seafood and then he drinks mommy's milk. Poor kid. Of course, when mommy's puasa, dad is too :P ). After months of battling with our raging nafsu for seafood, we eventully had to give in. Hence, I bought a kilo of quids (hambek ko, sekilo terus. Huahaha...)

So this evening's meal was calamari (or squid) fried with flour or sotong goreng tepung.

Setelah berbulan berpuasa seafood, akhirnya sotong goreng tepung yang muncul

Haha. I haven't been truly honest with you. We didn't totally stay away from seafood - we just didn't eat too much, maybe every month or so. Last month it was kerang and prawns. The kerang and prawns were grilled by my hubby, using his super duper secret recipe which was, to be honest, out of this world. They rocked my tastebuds and blew them to the sky during the first instant I bit into them (I bow to your supreme powers in cooking, Oh Master Hubby~!). The potatoes he grilled were also unshamedfully plate-licking good. It's a pity we didn't take any pictures of them. And the recipe. It was all main campak-campak :P