Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Resepi Rich Chocolate Pudding


What? You think I don't have anymore recipes up my sleeves to reveal?
Think again, my dear readers.

This one's pretty simple to make but really deliciousss. I got it from http://www.myresipi.com/ (where else?) and it's from junjs11@myresipi.com. A simple treat to serve your friends when they pop up suddenly at your house (providing you made it in advance, of course :p)

Cute lil' choc puddings

Rich Chocolate Pudding (by junjs11@myresipi.com) (makes about 1 loyang sederhana besar)
1/2C serbuk koko
1C gula
1/2C susu tepung
1/2st garam
4 1/4C air
4sb tepung jagung
1/2 st esen vanilla
3sb butter
1 peket serbuk agar-agar (10-11g)
  1. Campur semua bahan kecuali butter dan kacau selalu atas api kecil hingga mendidih.
  2. Masukkan butter dan kacau hingga pekat.
  3. Angkat dan masukkan ke dalam loyang yang disukai (I used cute little moulds for jellies).
  4. Note: Untuk pudding ni dan pudding-pudding lain, nak senang keluarkan bila dan beku basahkan dulu acuan sebelum masukkan pudding. InsyaAllah akan mudah keluar.
Note: As usual, I halved the recipe and unfortunately, the pudding turned out rather soft because I didn't have a digital scale and couldn't weigh how much was a 5g agar-agar (it wasn't 4 teaspoon so I guess roughly a 5g of agar-agar is approximately around 5-6teaspoons). The taste was not affected so that was thankful. Maybe next time I'll up the agar-agar a bit. Hmmm..

And just for fun, here's a picture of some steamed crabs my hubby and I concocted a few months back. Don't ask me for the recipe, it's all bedal-jela-labu. Huhu.. But main ingredients was 2 crabs, butter, pureed pear (blended pear that is), oyster mushroom, carrots, brokoli and erm I think a pinch of dried parsely. Yup, that's all I guess. And a pinch of salt. Be forewarned however, try at your own risk~! But the taste was suprisingly nice and sweet. I guess the pear magnified the natural sweetness of the crabs. Yummy...

Steamed crabs

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Resepi Kek Pisang (I'm Going Bananas)


Lama sudah tak hapdet blog. Si Taufiq tak berapa sihat. Pula tu bila dah sihat maknya pula tak berapa sihat. Huhu.. No sense of smell @ taste = takde-mood-nak-try-resepi-baru-sebab-tak-dapat-detect-makanan-sedap-atau-tak.

Anyway, a few weeks back before my nose and ears started to malfunction, I made a banana cake using (what else?) uneaten, over-ripe bananas. Rather than throw 'em all away, I decided to try a cake recipe using those bananas. And thankfully, it turned out very nice, thank you very much (although the top part was rather uncooked, due to using an oven tangkring which doesn't have any heaters at the top). To tackle this annoying problem, I shoved it in my old doorless oven and gave it a few more sunburn under the make-believe sun and- voila, problem solved.

Although I ain't a big fan of banana cakes, here's a thumbs up for the taste and texture (I added choc chips and choc rice 'cause I love chocs, yes-ah-dooo). Oh yeah, recipe's courtesy of adsweet@myresipi.com. The instruction's pretty simple, just put 'em in a blender and blend to your heart's content (with a little beat of beating of course). Yeeehaaaw..

Kek pisang with choc chips and choc rice

Resepi Kek Pisang (adsweet@myresipi.com)
7 biji pisang berangan (I used unknown bananas but I think they're usually used for pisang goreng)
1C minyak masak (healthy version, use veg oil)
2sk soda bikarbonat
5 biji telur (I halved the recipe and used 2 Gred A eggs)
2C gula halus
1sk esen vanilla
3 cawan tepung gandum
choc chips and choc rice to your desire (my own version)

  1. Lengserkan acuan kek dengan minyak atau butter.
  2. Panaskan oven, 180C.
  3. Blendkan pisang, minyak dan soda bikarbonat sampai lumat. Ketepikan.
  4. Gunakan mixer (I just use a whisk), pukul telur dan gula sampai sebati. Masukkan esen vanilla (atau boleh juga vanila diblendkan bersama bahan diblend).
  5. Masukkan pisang yang telah diblend ke dalam bancuhan telur dan gula.
  6. Akhir sekali masukkan tepung sedikit demi sedikit, sambil dikacau rata.
  7. Masukkan choc chips dan choc rice (kalau mahu) dan kacau rata.
  8. Tuangkan adunan ke dalam acuan dan bakar 25-30min suhu 180C.

Note: I've a confession to make. I'm hopeless at detecting and naming bananas. Huhu.. They all look alike to me. However, I've tried several unknown (to me that is) varieties of bananas in different kinds of cooking, and when using over-ripe bananas, they usually taste the same once they're cooked. Well, that's what they taste to me. And note of caution, please avoid using too much baking soda or soda bikarbonat than the recipe warrants. Your cake will leave a bitter taste in your mouth (this is what I've read and it's true. So jangan gatal-gatal, guna sukatan betul okay?)