Sunday, July 26, 2009

Resepi Cotton Soft Japanese Cheesecake

Hmmm... Aritu ada buat cotton soft japanese cheesecake. Huhu.. Cuak gak memula sebab guna oven atas gas je. Tapi alhamdulillah, jadi gak. Huahaha... Memang kena bain-marie, letak dalam bekas berisi air. Takleh nak masak cheesecake dalam rice cooker, kang kembaaang bila masak, dan kempiiiis bila sejuk :P

Anyway, this is the recipe, got it from, contributed by and edited a bit by zachoes :p

Cotton Soft Japanese Cheesecake (8-inci pan)
Bahan A:
250g cream cheese (I made half recipe. Dan guna 40g-50g of block cheddar cheese. Kalau cheese tu dah old, in other words, kekuning-keorenan, taste dia more sharp, so use less)
50g butter
100 ml susu segar (fresh milk) (I used water+1sdb susu tepung)
6 biji kuning telur
1 sdb jus lemon
1/4 sdk garam
60g tepung kek / tepung superfine (I used tepung kek)
20g tepung jagung (cornflour/cornstarch)

Bahan B:
140g gula (granulated sugar)
6 biji putih telur
3/4 sdk jus lemon (I used cream of tartar)


  • Utk adunan A: Cairkan cream cheese, butter & susu dgn teknik double boiler. Bila dah cair, sejukkan adunan cream cheese tu td.
  • Kemudian, campurkan ke dalam adunan cream cheese tadi dengan tepung kek, tepung jagung, kuning telur, garam & jus lemon serta gaul hingga sebati (gaul guna senduk kayu saja).
  • Utk adunan B: Dalam bekas lain, pukul putih telur bersama jus lemon, sampai berbuih2 (foamy). Lepas tu, tambahkan gula & pukul lagi sampai bertanduk (soft peak).
  • Campurkan adunan Bahan A tadi ke dalam adunan Bahan B yang dah gebu tu & kacau smpai sebati. (At this stage I put in Bahan B into Bahan A, a bit at a time, all the while using the folding method/kaup balik. Don't overdo it, we want to put in as much air as possible).
  • Sediakan tin/bekas kek yang bulat berukuran 8 inci, yang digriskan bawahnye & tepinya itu disalut dengan kertas baking (don't grease the baking sheets, nanti tepi kek lembab. Ni hasil dari pemerhatian ku, haha). Tuang adunan kek dlm tin kek.
  • Bakar kek dalam kira-kira sejam, dengan cara au bain-marie (waterbath), pada 160 degrees C / 325 degrees F. Pd sesapa yg kurang pasti waterbath tu camner, buatnye simpel jer. Lepas letak adunan dlm dlm tin kek, balut bawah hingga separuh tinggi tin kek dengan aluminunium foil (ni double protection agar air xmasuk esp springfoam pan, saya x konfiden tu yg wat gitu hehe, kalo xmo buat ok je tp advisable balut). Then, letak tin kek tu atas dulang pembakar, pastu tuang air panas atas dulang pembakar, preferably ½ tinggi tin kek tu, lepas tu letak ler dlm oven then bakar ler, tu aje). (I put in lukewarm water, ada terbaca kalau air panas nanti kek bawah tercepat masak jadi berketul-ketul. Kalau air sejuk lambat nak panas ikut suhu oven).

Cotton soft japanese cheesecake yang togel :p

UPDATE 19 April 2011: Yup, got to make this again some other time. Only this time using cream cheese, haha.. Don't worry, everyone who's done this say it's fab!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Hard-Working Momma's Back Again!


What to do, what to do? The non-working ol' momma is back again, and armed with a most determined mind.

So what's she been doing these last couple of days? The answer: cooking and baking like mad!

Now that I have my own oven (be it an oven tangkring, but an oven non the less), I've managed to convince dear hubby in buying me an oven thermometer from abroad. And from U.S.A. for that matter :p

It's small and neat, just right to put in my oven. I bought it from eBay (thank heavens for internet :p) for the price of RM31.00+-. However, the price of the thermometer was far cheaper than it's postage :p

So here's the outcome of my latest cooking/baking weekends :P

Made lasagna to asah my bakat balik (nak ajak orang nnt ;) )

Japanese souffle cheesecake (resepi nanti yer)

Baked choc moist cake

Hotdog bun (resepi pun nanti yer)

Bun dah jadi benjo :P

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy belated birthday hubby!

How times fly when you're bz :p

Last Wednesday (22/7) was hubby's birthday. Baked two choc moist cakes for hubby to take to the office. The response? Huhuhu.. 'Sodaaap' org kata. Heheheh.. Lama beno tak masak kek choc moist :p

Then I asked hubby what he wanted for his birthday dinner.

"Nak kek tak?" I asked (sambil pikir tadi dah makan kek dah, nak lagi ke? Huhu...)

He replied, "Kek dah biasa masak. Masak lain yang special sket la. Kan ikan marinade ada" sambil wink wink kat aku.

Hehe.. So malam tu kitorang makan lagi ikan panggang guna special marinade yang hubby cipta, bersama roti jala dan kari daging serta donut aku buat petang tadi.

Yummmm... Sampai menjilat pinggan menikmati kelazatan ikan panggang. Kelazatannya membuatkan aku teringat pada satey panggang tapi jauh lebih best lagi. Huhuhu... Rugi korang tak rasa. Sekali rasa terus campak resepi-resepi satey yang lain, begitu enaknya ikan panggang tersebut. Huhuhu.. Ada gak wat guna lamb chop dan kali ni memang jauh lebih besttt dari sebelum ni.

Kepada sesape yang nak rasa ikan/daging panggang, kenalah tunggu birthday laki aku tahun depan yek sebab dia yang masak :p Huahahaha... I'm a lucky wife :p

Filet ikan panggang. Resepi special punya ;)

Makanan malam itu

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Hot Choc and a Birthday Cake


There's nothing nicer than a mug of hot choc and a slice of pizza to take away the edge of hunger during the witching hour.

As always, hubby and Taufiq are in slumberland while the ol' non-working momma is awake and munching on warm pizza in the dead of the night. I wonder if all non-working mommas with little tots around the world are as hungry as I am at night? It's a wonder I don't gain weight at all :P To all breast-feeding mommas in the world, keep up the good work and never forsake your child when he's hungry. Hip hip, hurrah!

Anyway, been meaning to upload a picture of my Taufiq's birthday cake (his birthday was on 1st July) but whether it was plain laziness on my part or the PC's Fault (it's OK now), in the end it took me half a month to write about it. (Huhu... Sori Pik, lagipun abah dah tulis kat blog abah kan? Yang penting, orang dah tahu).

This was the first cake I baked since last April. The reason? Harga barang dah naik laaa.. Huhu... But don't worry, skill masih ada ;) Cuma karat sikit aje la :P Geram sampai giget-giget jari tapi tahan jela. Better to use the flour to make cucur or roti than to eat sweeties all the time, right? Right. But now that I have an oven, it'll be harder still to curb my cravings on cheesecakes, sponge cakes, choc chips cupcakes, choc chic biscuits, and the like. Huahaha... Dugaaan.. Sabo ajela ek...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ho ho.. Yeaah.. It's Time To Grill!

"Ho ho... Yeaaah.. It's time to grill!"

Trade mark En. Hubby masa memanggang lamb chop atas grill baru-baru ni. Heheheh...

Last Sunday, apart from buying a traditional oven a.k.a. oven tangkring, we also bought a Fancy Grill made in Indonesia. The thing I realise for some time is that lots of wares in Tawau are from Indonesia. Must be because we're near Kalimantan. Even the bumbu soto I got a few months back were (smuggled) from Indonesia (shhhh...kastam tahu habis stok soto gue :P )

Anway, back to the grill. We didn't actually planned on buying a grill. As we were inspecting the oven, En. Hubby said "Alang-alang beli jela gril sekali." Apa lagi, my eyes lit up and sparkled at the idea, but of course, for the sake of appearing cool, I answered nonchalantly "OK gak, leh try masak sate ek?"

So began the story of the Oven and the Grill (hmmm.. Mungkin boleh buat cite ni). Sebenarnya, gril yang berjasa dulu. Oven baru je nak berjasa hari ni. Oleh kerana banyak sangat terpengaruh dari cerita Licence to Grill, En. Hubby kata biar dia marinade dan panggang lamb chop atas gril (sebenarnya aku yang reti tak nak panggang, balik-balik hangus jadinya. Haha..)

And so En. Hubby took over the kitchen while the Pn. Wifey swings and sways her legs to the music as she watches her hubby expertly flips the chop in the air (cewaah, konon :p )

A lil' bit of this...a lil' bit of that...

Add a dash of basil..

Oil the grill so it won't stick too much..

Flip it over.. Ho ho.. Yeaaah..

Nearly done...

Serve warm.. And ready to eat..

The verdict: Tried and tested the lamb chop and found it to be a tiny bit nauseating. Huhuhu.. Ya ampuuun mas.. But overall the taste was all there- spicy, salty, a bit tangy, and a tad sweet. 'Twas a pity it was lamb chop. If it were ordinary beef I bet it'll kick our tastebuds to the moon. Ho ho... Yeaaah.. Don't worry, there's more beef in the fridge, bebeh ;)

Otang or Oven Tangkring or Oven stove, made in Indonesia


Sengal. That's the only word I can think of at the moment.

My husband and I have been thinking of something totally outrageous for the last couple of weeks. It involves baking/grilling a kilo of juicy meat, marinated in a combination of various herbs, spices, and other things.
The only drawback was we didn't have a reliable oven in the house. Of course, we could've just bought a new one but that would be spending above our budget-line this month. So what did we do but to have a look-see at the Pasar Tanjung last Sunday in search of an oven.
Hubby had this brainwave of buying the antique kind of oven that our grandmoms used to use when baking biskut and kueh raya. Being a city-girl (yeah, yeah, budak bandar), I hadn't the foggiest how they work. But like always, when in dire need of something important (especially an oven), one will find that one will be determined enough and resourceful enough to learn something new.

The oven that we bought was aluminium-made and, if I may be so bold, rather crude. But never judge a book by its cover. It didn't have any special brand, and is quite light, although rather big. It has three trays inside and no oven thermometer (what a pity). It's relatively easy to use; just put it on top of your stove and turn on the gas then wait till it reaches the desired hotness. I just test the hotness by sticking my hand in and count till 10 secs. If you can just stand the heat, it's about 200 degrees celcius. If you can stand till 15 seconds, then it's about 180 degrees. Easy when you are used to sticking your hand into an doorless oven for years :P There are air-holes on either side of the oven and also at the back for air circulation.

One thing of using an oven of any kind- DON'T allow any moist/wetness on your oven glass- they'll bound to explode to smithereens when you bake. And don't wash it when it's still hot or you'll find yourself sweeping the floor with broken glass.

Here's a preview of the oven tangkring, or shall we say, oven atas dapur gas, which we bought. Costs RM45 but we got a bargain of RM38 here in Tawau.

And here's the doorless oven that had seen better days (baru guna sebulan dua pintu dah meletup :P )

I tested the oven tangkring by making some buns and bread this evening. It was something of a foolish yet courageous thing to do that I used a new recipe, as I didn't know how it will turn out. But alhamdulillah, the buns and bread turned out soft and yummy, and thankfully, well-cooked inside.

One thing I found out is that the buns further back in the oven tend to be more quickly cooked then in the front. That was why there were bits burnt here and there. In the picture, the left are cheese buns, on top right the mini pizzas (one eaten already), and below are the sausage buns (sosej terkeluar, tak tutup dengan kemas. Pula tu lupa nak rebus dulu sosej tu masak lama sikit, jadinya terlebih garing :P )

N/B: One thing, don't ever use old cheddar cheese blocks for your toppings. They get dry, burnt, and don't melt properly.