Sunday, August 30, 2009

Resepi Lemon Rosemary Grilled Chicken

Burpp.. Alhamdulillah..

Sedap juga ya rosemary grilled chicken yang hubby dan aku masak untuk berbuka. Ada rasa kemasaman limau dan sangatlah lemboot. Best makan dengan sos cendawan dan mashed potato, nasi sebelah mata pun tak pandang. Hehehe...

Disebabkan takde grill yang sesuweyy untuk masuk dalam oven tangkring aku, last-last guna grill oven lama, letak atas dulangnya dan letak mende alah tu atas dulang tangkring. Hehe.. Menjadi juga homemade grill :p

As always, to the resepi. Dicolek dari from dan diedit memandai je oleh hubby and me. Hehehe.. Jangan maraaah..

Lemon Rosemary Grilled Chicken (
Bahan-bahan (1kg ayam)
1 kg ayam (ku guna 2 paha je)
1 biji lemon (ku guna 2 limau kasturi je)
3 ulas bawang putih
2 sb olive oil (tarak, jadi guna 1sk minyak bijan+minyak masak. Jangan banyak, kang terover bau pula)
segenggam rosemary kering (ku guna dalam 2sb)
1sb serbuk lada hitam
2 biji kentang dibelah 2
2 biji tomato
baby karot
1bj bawang besar dibelah 4

  1. Lemon, kentang, dan bawang putih direbus selama 15 min. Angkat dan tos.
  2. Tumbuk bawang putih dan rosemary sampai lumat.
  3. Gaulkan bahan tumbuk dengan olive oil dan campur sedikit garam dan serbuk lada hitam.
  4. Ambik sedikit bahan tadi dan gaulkan kentang, bawang besar, karot dan tomato.
  5. Ambik lemon tadi, cucuk dengan garfu supaya jusnya keluar nanti dan sumbat ke dalam perut ayam.
  6. Sumbatkan juga kentang, bawang dan karot ke dalam ayam.
  7. Cucuk lubang ayam supaya tidak terkeluar bahan-bahan tadi.
  8. Lumurkan ayam dengan bahan tumbuk tadi.
  9. Susun ketang, tomato, bawang dan karot, bakar dalam oven 180C selama 1 jam/hingga masak.


  1. Tumbuk bawang putih, lada hitam, dan rosemary hingga lumat.
  2. Ambik plastic seal bag, masukkan 2 dada ayam tadi bersama bahan tumbuk, kentang, tomato, karot dan bawang.
  3. Masukkan jus limau kasturi, minyak bijan, minyak masak, garam, dan gaul-gaulkan guna tangan supaya rata.
  4. Perap semalaman.
  5. Susun ayam dan bahan-bahan lain atas grill, bakar 180C selama sejam. Air jus ayam akan menitik ke dalam loyang dibawah grill. (Seeloknya tomato masuk 10 min terakhir, takut dia kecut but it's up to you. Kalau nak letak sume dalam dish dan bakar gitu aje pun takde masalah.)

Yummy.. Tapi terlupa nak letak tomato dan bawang daaa.. Al-kisahnya letak terung, tapi tengok jadi layu je. Huhu.. Patut last minit letak :p Grill macam ni tak berapa basah, sebab ayamnya dak direndam dalam jusnya sendiri. Mau basah letak je dalam caserole dish.

Sedap diratah atau makan dengan nasi beriani, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, dan sos cendawan/black pepper

Resepi Almond Londons

How about that!

The ol' non-working momma has been mucking about her kitchen and tinkering with her recipe books and other whatnots for a week now. Huhu.. Maybe she needs a change of scenery and take some time off with her lil' tot and hubby.

Some people have been telling me, again and again, that Hari Raya is still a loong way to go. Yeah, I got that. But don't forget I'll be going a week before Raya so I need to asah my cookie-skills before that. For what? Kuih raya laaa. Asik beli je tiap tahun tapi tak reti-reti nak buat sendiri? So sad....... Sob sob.. Tapi kek boleh lak buat ek? Huhu... Pelik pelik...

Anyway, so far the new things I learned about biscuit-baking are:
*They are unlike making cakes. Cakes, if God-willing, don't turn hard-rock. Unless you have itchy fingers and open the oven door which will give you a flat cake.
*Biscuits and cookies don't like to be over-knead. They get hard when baked because you over-worked your gluten! (Or so I've read)
*They are more aggravating@leceh to do because you have to terap them first. If you're making 200 cookies, then be sure to have a pail of water nearby in case you doze off during the process of menerap, membakar, and menyejukkan biskut pada suhu bilik and also if you're lucky, mendeko.
*They're a lot more fun to eat especially chocolatey ones like Almond Londons because you don't have to slice 'em up first. All you need is a balang-full of cookies and you'll be as happy as Larry!

So last night was my first attempt of making Almond Londons. And I'm happy to say...Kita Berjaya Wonderpets! Huhuhu.. Before making them I had serious doubts. I mean, I never had much experience and probably will ruin all those almonds (mahal tuuu!). But dear hubby had faith in me. So I gritted my teeth and berserah sepenuhnya pada Allah dan alhamdulillah...jadi juga ya. Sooo.. Here they are:

A tray-full of yummy Almond Londons

Choc rice and gula manik for deco
Chopped almonds for deco
A balang-full of Almond Londons (50 pieces inside)
A sneak peek inside

Wanna sample? Sure, as long as I don't gobble 'em up first la :P Seriously, if you want a taste, contact me (if you live nearby la). And sementara stock masih ada la. Tengok gaya ada tangan yang asik mencelup dalam balang je :P

For 50 pieces, I'll give you RM19 sebalang. Nak masukkan lebih tak muat so for 100 pieces (2 balang)s for the price of Rm35. Huhu.. Yeke orang berminat nak beli ni? Macam ye jek ek.. Haha.. Kalau leh tempah awal sikit sebab 13 Sept nak terbanggg sudah. Hehe... (Yeke orang nak beli ni? Haha..)

Anyway, for those who are interested, here's the recipe, got from
Thanks Nizam!

Almond London (
Bahan-bahan (-+150 biji)
250g mentega
125g gula halus
1 biji telur
1 sk esen vanila
50g serbuk badam (optional)
200g tepung jagung
300g tepung gandum
2 sb tepung beras
1 sk baking powder
200g kacang badam (digoreng tanpa minyak) (I just put in the oven for 5min, 160 degrees celcius)
50g badam cincang (hiasan)
-+ 700g coklat masakan + 1/2 sb shortening
  1. Pukul mentega dengan gula hingga kembang.
  2. Masukkan telur, esen vanila, dan pukul lagi.
  3. Masukkan serbuk badam, kacau.
  4. Ayak bersama tepung jagung, tepung beras, baking powder dan gaulkab bersama adunan tadi.
  5. Masukkan tepung gandum sedikit demi sedikit, hingga jadi doh (doh agak rapuh).
  6. Bentukkan doh menjadi bulat-bulat kecil/lonjong dan masukkan badam di dalamnya.
  7. Letakkan di atas dulang pembakar yang dilengserkan sedikit mentega.
  8. Bakar pada suhu 200C, 20 min (I cook about 10-15 sebab taknak terlampau perang sangat guna oven tangkring).
  9. Cairkan coklat masakan secara double boil (bekas tahan panas di atas periuk berisi air mendidih).
  10. Masukkan biskut (pastikan dah betul-betul sejuk) ke dalam mangkuk kertas atau celup ke dalam coklat cair (ku sudukan guna sudu coleslaw KFC je sonang). Taburkan badam cincang diatas.
  11. Biarkan kering seketika dan sedia dimakan/disimpan.

A BZ Week- And A VERY Special Break Fast

How time flies when you're bz!

Yup, it has been a very busy week for us, especially your's truly. Hubby's friend, Wilson, wanted to order a cheesecake a few days back, so I made a sample for him to taste, to see if it's to his liking.

You know cheesecakes. They never taste the same, as there are plenty of different kinds of recipes to choose from. Some are dense, others are airy and light, and a few are velvety and smooth. Anyway, I made a Cotton Soft Japanese Cheesecake as a sample, which to both my husband and I, tastes just like eating pure, creamy cheese. Personally, we like non-baked blueberry cheesecake the best as the presence of yoghurt adds a delicious tang to the cheesecake. I don't have the recipe at the moment but one day I'll make another and upload the recipe with its picture. Oh yeah, anyone who's interested can order a cotton soft japanese cheesecake, about 400g for RM15 or so, anytime, anyday. Cheesecakes are supposedly to be expensive but I'll give a discount (eventhough cream cheese here are frightfully expensive than Semenanjung :p).

Chock-full of cream cheese
Back to the story. After a hard week's worth of work (doing what? Experimenting of course!), I just didn't have the time (and energy) to fix a difficult meal. So my hubby gallantly offered to cook today, making a delicious Nasi Beriani ala Gam style and Daging Beriani to break our fast. And truthfully, he made it better than I ever will! The recipe? Maybe later, there's a lot of ingredients involved and I just don't have the energy to type a looong story :p

Nasi Beriani ala Gam style- just put the Daging Beriani in a pot and top it with the cooked Nasi Beriani, then leave it to cook again slowly (though he did it his way and did it the other way round :p)

A simple dish- but full of flavour

The cook's been on strike for a week (lesu sebenarnya :p) and didn't have any ideas to for break-fasting meals but she'll be back tomorrow (hopefully) with a new recipe that's never been tried and tested. See ya!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Resepi Biskut Raya Mama Carries


I've tried making cakes, cupcakes, and bread. But never biscuits. Well, very rarely and they didn't turn out as I expected (they went on strike and either got flat when baked or blown up like baloons, huhu). Did try making biscuits a loooong time before I was married to my dear hubby. And each time they turn out different, eventhough they were from the same recipe! :P

But now alhamdulillah, I managed to bake a batch of Mama Carries last night and they turned out quite satisfactory. The icing puffed up nicely and didn't dribble down the sides (like I made last year). It turned out you got to make them as delicately as making meringues- whip 'em up nice and fluffy and get no oils in them. And it's easier using the back of a spoon to deco them (some might find using a finger is much easier).

After three bakes into the oven (I got three trays full), I managed to get about 100 pieces all together. And even that I halved the recipe!

Hey, I ain't no Picasso but I can make a squiggle :p

I'll be making these again, insyaAllah, should anyone wants to make an order. A big balang-full about 100 pieces for RM18. Cewaah. Macam la ada nak beli ek :P

In case you want to try it yourself, below is the recipe from Thanks Lily!

Biskut Mama Carries

Bahan-bahan ( 60-75 biji )

300gm mentega/marjerin
375gm tepung gandum
130gm tepung jagung
100gm gula icing
1/2 sudu teh esen vanila

Utk hiasan
-1 biji putih telur
-100gm gula icing
-1 sudu besar tepung jagung


  1. Ayak tepung gandum & tepung jagung-ketepikan.
  2. Pukul mentega/marjerin dan gula icing hingga kembang.
  3. Masukkan esen vanila.
  4. Masukkan tepung sedikit demi sedikit dan uli hingga menjadi doh lembut.
  5. Canai doh dan terap dengan acuan berbentuk "heart".
  6. Sapukan hiasan keatas biskut yg telah diterap. Utk melorek, gunakan penyunkil gigi.
  7. Bakar pada suhu 150C selama 20-30 min, atau sehingga masak. Gunakan api bawah supaya hiasan tidak berwarna perang.


  1. Pukul putih telut hingga gebu. Masukkan gula & tepung, kacau sebati.
  2. Ambil 1 sudu besar adunan dan titikkan dgn pewarna atau emulco kegemaran anda.
  3. Sapukan putih telur keatas biskut
  4. Lorek kan dgn adunan yg telah dicampur dgn pewarna/emulco.

UPDATE 7/4/2011: Maybe one day I'll make this again and post another recent picture. The icing on this one seems rather dry, haha..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Resepi Cheese and Onion Bread/Bun

Next recipe's gonna be my Cheese and Onion Bread, tweaked and durhaka-ed from the original recipe, Custard Roll from Ya ampun dooong.. Takpela, it's called creativity, is it not?

The ingredients are all in grams (that's why I really need a digital scale, dear hubby, 'cause mine's just not reliable anymore, being 3-years old) so I've converted it (more or less accurately) into cups, spoons, teaspoons, teacups, and saucers (kidding).

Resepi Custard Roll (original resepi) from Mamafami's FP
60g condensed milk
15g eggs (about 1/2 an egg)
170g cold water (from the fridge)
2.5g ssalt
2.5g bread improver
5g instant yeast
300g high protein flour/multi purpose flour
20g butter
5g milk powder

Method: (BM method)

  1. Pour cold water into bread maker pan.
  2. Add flour, followed by all other ingredients except butter.
  3. Set to BASIC DOUGH programme and let the BM do its work.
  4. After about 5 minutes or until dough is well incorporated, add in butter and let the BM continue kneading until soft and smooth dough is formed. Let it rest for 30 minutes.
  5. Divide dough into 50g each. Make into small balls, let rest for another 10 minutes.
  6. Shape into long strip and arrange on baking tray.
  7. Prove until double in size.
  8. Pipe the custard topping.
  9. Bake in preheated oven, 180 degrees celcius for 30 minutes.

Custard Topping
15g custard powder
15g sugar
250ml fresh milk

Thoroughly mix custard powder, sugar and 25ml milk, while 225ml milk is being bought to boil. Add boiling milk to mixture, stirring well. Return to low heat, stirring continuously until thicken. Set aside.

Butter Cream Filling
*125g butter
*75g margarine
*50g shortening
125g icing sugar, sifted twice
1/2ts vanilla essence

Beat ingreadients marked * till smooth. Add in sifted icing sugar and vanilla. Whisk till light and fluffy.

Resepi Cheese Bread/Bun (which originated from Custard Roll above)
60g condensed milk
15g egg (1/2 an egg)
170g warm water
pinch of salt
1/2 tsp bread improver
1/2tsp bread softner
3/4tb yeast (I use ragi roti or just use plain 'ol mauripan)
300g high protein flour/bread flour/tepung gandum
1tb margarine/butter (I tried to use 2tb margarine but it seemed too much)
3tsp milk powder.

Method: Elbow Grease style

  1. Take large bowl and add all ingredients together except margarine and water till well blended.
  2. Make a hole in the middle and slowly add in water, all the while using your fingertips and making a one-way, circular motion to blend in the ingredients. (I watched Jamie Oliver doing this to his breads and copied him :p )
  3. Add in margarine/butter and knead until it feels elastic and soft, for about 5-7 minutes. (I've been doing some research in the Internet. Bakers say you can't knead too long or you're going to over-work the gluten and the dough's gonna get tough and hard when baked. And you can't under-knead it too or it will not rise. I don't know whether this is true or not but I find that for 250g-300g of flour, it's preferably just to knead it for less than 8 minutes. For more flour and bigger dough, it may need longer time, like 10-12 minutes or so. I just use my hands and stop when the dough doesn't stick too much to your fingers and it's elastic and stretchable. If any info's wrong, I really do beg your pardon. It's just an observation from an ol' non-working momma).
  4. Put dough in a bowl lightly greased with butter and cover it with plastic wrap or clean dish towel and let it proof for about 50-60minutes. (I put it in my un-used oven, lowest temp)
  5. Punch all the air out of the dough, and divide it into 4 equal parts.
  6. Shape into strips and put it in a lightly greased bread pan, alongside each to make a row.
  7. Prove 2nd time till double in size for about 30 minutes.
  8. Pipe zigzaged mayonnaise across row of strip-doughs, sprinkle mozarella cheese on top, and lay down some onion rings.
  9. Bake in preheated oven for 180 deg celcius, 30-40 minutes, depending on how much you want your cheese to be browned (haha).

Cheese and onion bread - terover brown sket cheese dia :P

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Midnight Meanderings and Resepi Bakso

Wish I had a million dollars.

What wouldn't I buy? Huhu..

I'd probably stock up my kitchen with all the gadgets and equipment I've been mooning about for years- a digital kitchen scale, several varieties of pans, pots, and culinary utensils, a more durable stand mixer, a hand-blender, a bigger stove, a breadmaker, and probably an oven (not that I don't like my oven tangkring- it suits me fine as for now).

Well, you can't stop an ol' non-working momma from having her day-dreams. *sighs*

Oh yeah, where was I? As usual, when everyone's having 40 winks the ol' non-working momma is staring owlishly at her monitor like an inspiration's gonna hit her- bang!- in the head. Truth is, stomache's growling like mad, eventhough just wolfed down a bowl of nasi+tom yam and a mug of hot choc with 3 slices of cheesey bread. *sigh* First day of Ramadhan and the ol' momma's stomache just can't take the heat. And there's still a month left!

Enough with all these meanderings. Let's get down to business. I've been meaning to sit down and post a recipe or two, just like I've promised. First recipe of the day (or midnight, should I say), is the bakso, courtesy of Che'Iza. Thanks Che'Iza from the yummy recipe.

Resepi Bakso (che'
Bahan: 7-8 orang
mee hoon 1 bungkus (400g)
kobis-hiris nipis (didn't put)

*Untuk bebola
400g daging cincang (I used fresh meat and cincang-ed it myself)
2 biji bawang merah, racik halus
2 biji bawang putih, racik halus
2 sb telur (about 1/2 telur)
1 sk tepung ubi/jagung (I ran out of both so I used tepung beras)
sedikit serbuk lada sulah dan garam

*Untuk kuah
3 biji bawang merah, hiris
*3 ulas bawang putih
*1/2 inci halia
*1 sk lada sulah biji
1 batang serai, diketuk
1 sb pati daging/ayam
sedikit serbuk lada sulah
garam dan perasa


  1. UNTUK KUAH: Tumbuk bahan bertanda *. Panaskan minyak, tumis bawang merah hingga kekuningan. Masukkan bahan yang ditumbuk dan tumis hingga garing dan naik bau.
  2. Masukkan air, pati daging, serbuk lada sulah, garam dan perasa.
  3. UNTUK BEBOLA: Sementara tunggu kuah mendidih, gaul semua bahan untuk membuat bebola daging. Bentukkan bulat mengikut saiz dikehendaki. Siap membentuk, masukkan ke dalam kuah tadi. Biarkan mendidih. Kuah telah siap bila bebola tadi timbul. Siap sudah kuah dan bebola dia.
  4. Rendam bee hoon dan celur, kemudian tapis. Hidangkan dengan taugeh dan kobis. Tuangkan kuah dengan bebola. Boleh juga guna mee lain.
  5. Biasanya di Indonesia, bakso dihidang dengan cili pada yang ditumbuk berasingan dengan kicap. (I just use ready-made je).
Mine's rather jernih because I ran out of meat :P Jadilah, asalkan ada

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hari Membakar Sedonia!

Penat mengembara mencari resepi lagi malam ni. Huhuhu... Macam mengejar bulan Ramadhan je, tau la tak dapat taste-testing time puasa :P

Projek semalam membuat kek untuk Kak Nur (thanks kak!) dengan bakar roti. Roti apa? Roti kegemaran yang ku selalu beli time van Lover Cake House lalu depan rumah la apa lagi :P roti cheese+onion bersama bun dia. Yummyy.. Puas hati dapat uli dengan jayanya (selalu agak keras sket la sebab mungkin terover uli). Tapi kali ni rotinya keluar dari oven berbau haruuum dan lembooot. Yahoooo...

Apa lagi, layan la gambar-gambar di bawah ye. Resepi? Penat sket la sejak dua menjak ni. Over-excited sangat sampai otak blur sket. Tadi pun cari resepi homemade cream cheese tapi macam agak susah sket la sebab guna banyak benor susu tapi dapatnya seciput :P Nantilah ek resepi-resepi yang tergendala tu? Kepala mengong sket ni, haha..

Cheese and onion bread - terover brown sket cheese dia :P

Cheese bun (tak best la letak eggwash, tepi keras and brown lak roti dia)

Saje wat bun piza

Potongan bentuk badan yang lembot

Tangga of roti

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pics only, OK guys? Me is too tired. Snoreeee..

OK, now I'm just plain ol' tired (like a tired ol' non-working momma) to write a long, loong, looong story. Sorry ya, maybe next time. Meanwhile, enjoy the pics. I'll post the recipes tomorrow (maybe). Hehehe... Ngantuk.. Zzzzzz..

Tonight's dinner- simple homemade bakso
A slice of Black Forest cake

My Black Forest cake
Whipped chocolate ganache

Chocolate ganache at room temp

Last night's baking project- loaf of bread

Pizza, anyone?

Resepi Lasagna- Permintaan Kak Su

Menunaikan permintaan Kak Su yang dah lama nakkan resepi lasagna. Huhu... Sori Kak Su, bz sket kat dapur mengetest resepi-resepi baru. Huahaha...

Resepi Lagsana
Sumber : Cik Mat Gebu

Resepi asal dari

(ku buat separuh resepi)

Lasagna simple

Bahan Utama:
Kepingan lagsana secukupnya
White sauce (resepi dibawah)
Inti daging (resepi dibawah)
Parutan keju mozarella secukupnya
Parutan keju cheddar secukupnya

Bahan Inti:
450g daging kisar (ku guna daging burger je, 2-3 keping gitu)
2 biji bawang besar, didadu
3 ulas bawang putih*
1 inci halia* (ditumbuk halus) (ku tak letak)
1sb cili kisar (ku tak letak)
2 helai bay leaf (ku tak letak)
1 st serbuk lada hitam (ku tak letak)
1 tin tomato "plum" diramas (ku guna buah tomato je)
1sb rempah kari daging (ku tak letak sebab guna daging burger)
2sb tomato puri
1 tin cendawan butang, tos, cuci, dan hiris nipis
garam dan gula secukup rasa
karot, brokoli, didadu (ku letak sendiri, untuk anakku makan)
2sb sos tomato (ku letak sendiri)
2sb sos cili (ku letak sendiri)
secubit oregano (ku letak sendiri)
secubit parsley (ku letak sendiri)

Bahan White Sauce:
600ml susu segar (ku guna air masak + susu tepung)
3sb tepung gandum
1/2 st serbuk lada hitam (ku tak letak)
3sb mentega (ku letak sendiri)
sedikit mozarella cheese (ku letak sendiri)

Cara Membuat Inti Daging:
  1. Panaskan minyak dalam kuali. Tumis bahan2 tumbuk, tomato puri, tomato sos, sos cili dan cili kisar hingga wangi.
  2. Masukkan rempah kari, bawang besar, bay leaf, dan gaul rata.
  3. Masukkan daging cincang/burger dan masak hingga berubah warna.
  4. Masukkan tomato plum/buah bersama lada hitam. Masak hingga mendidih.
  5. Masukkan karot dan brokoli (kalau letak) dan cendawan butang. Masukkan oregano dan parsely, gaul rata.
  6. Tambahkan garam dan gula secukup rasa, masak hingga kering tapi masih lembap.
  7. Angkat dan sejukkan.

Cara Membuat White Sauce:

  1. Masukkan mentega dalam periuk kecil dan cairkannya.
  2. Masukkan tepung gandum dan kacau guna whisk hingga keputih-kuningan.
  3. Masukkan susu segar dan kacau sebati.
  4. Masukan secubit garam, gaul hingga bancuhan menjadi pekat. Angkat dan ketepikan.

Cara Penyediaan lasagna:

  1. Panaskan air mendidih, campur 1st minyak masak dan celur kepingan lasagna hingga lembut, angkat dan letak atas dulang disapu sedikit minyak (bagi mengelakkan melekat).
  2. Pada bekas lasagna, oles sedikit mentega dan alas dasarnya dengan kepingan lasagna.
  3. Sudu dan ratakan initi daging, tabur sedikit parutan keju cheddar.
  4. Alaskan lagi dengan kepingan lasagna dan sapukan white sauce.
  5. Lapiskan lagi dengan kepingan lagsana dan ratakan dengan inti daging.
  6. Buat hingga siap dan lapisan akhir diakhiri dengan baki inti daging dan ditabur keju mozarella. (ku selalu akhiri dengan white sauce serta mozarella dan bukannya inti daging sebab nak bagi permukaan nampak keperangan bila masak)
  7. Bakar dalam oven pada suhu 175 degrees celcius, 30-35 min. Boleh dihidang panas atau suam.
  8. ***Sebelum tu, kalau nak mudah potong dan tak nak dia berderai sangat, elok biarkan setengah jam or sejam bagi sos-sos melekat dengan kepingan lasagnanya. Pastu baru panaskan jap baru potongkan sebab dari pengalaman ku bila baru masak dan potong memang tak cantik potongan bentuk badannya. Huhu.. Bila hidangan kedua baru cantik sket dan tak berderai segala isi lasagna.

Note: Kalau malas nak lapis-lapis ni boleh gak rebus makaroni sampai lembut, pastu gaulkan dengan sos daging dan letak dalam bekas. Pastu tuang je white sauce kat atas makaroni dan taburkan mozarella cheese. Bakar pun tak lama sebab makaroni dah masak, dalam 5-10 min hingga atas keperangan. Ni stail simple, called Makaroni Lasagna tak silap. Ada gak resepi try resepi macaroni lasagna di sini.

Makaroni lasagna ku

Friday, August 14, 2009

Resepi Black Forest Cake and Whipped Chocolate Ganache


The ol' non-working momma's been very busy this morning. Sempat lagi membuat kek. Huhuhu...

What can I say. I've been dreaming about making my own black forest cake for weeks now. The funny thing is, the whipped cream I had made weeks ahead, but the cake was still in trial. And now I'm satisfied with the 'right' cake to make my black forest. It's a recipe I got from from En. Mat Gebu, called Moist Chocolate Chiffon Cake. The recipe's below yang di'edit', should you care to try it yourself. I've made half the recipe and baked it in a 7" square pan. The cake's super delish- soft, moist, not too sweet- but the drawback was it shrank a little during the sejukkan pada suhu bilik. Huhu..

My lil' Black Forest cake

Resepi Moist Chocolate Chiffon (mat gebu)
Bahan-bahan (saiz kek-23cm)

Bahan A:
100g tepung halus (I used tepung gandum je)
1/2 st soda bikar
1/2 st serbuk penaik
1 st esen vanila
50ml minyak jagung
4 kuning telur Gred A
60g gula halus
*1sb coklat emulco
*30g serbuk koko
*100ml susu segar (ku guna air masak je) - Bahan bertanda * dicampur

Bahan B:
4 putih telur Gred A
120g gula halus
1/2 st cream of tartar (or use lime jus je)


  1. Panaskan oven pada suhu 180 degrees celcius.
  2. Sediakan loyang chiffon yang telah dialas dasarnya dengan kertas minyak dan disapu mentega. Sekeliling bahagian dalam tak perlu disapu mentega, hanya dasar sahaja.
  3. Dalam satu bekas, satukan semua bahan A hingga sebati. Ketepikan.
  4. Dalam bekas lain, pukul putih telur hingga separuh kembang. Masukkan sebahagian gula dan cream of tartar, terus pukul dan masukkan baki gula. Putar hingga jadi meringue yang kental.
  5. 'Kental' disini maksudnya jika alat pemukul diterbalikkan, puncak yang terhasil kukuh dan tak terlentok (atau bila terbalikkan bekas, telur tak jatuh/drip).
  6. Ambil sebahagian meringue tadi dan kaup balikkan (fold in) ke dalam aduanan kek. Gaul rata.
  7. Tuang adunan kek tadi ke dalam meringue dan dengan perlahan kaup balikkan hingga rata dan sebati. JAGAN TERLEBIH GAUL, nanti angin dalam adunan keluar. (Ku guna spatula plastik je, lagi senang.)
  8. Bakar dalam oven selama 35min. Kalau bahagian tepi kek mengecut sedikit tandanya kek sudah masak.
  9. Keluarkan dan terbalikkan acuan chiffon tadi dan biarkan sejuk dalam keadaan terbalik. Bila dah sejuk, sisip tepi loyang dengan pisau dan keluarkan kek dari tin. Hias ikut suka.

Whipped Chocolate Ganache (

Bahan-Bahan (for frosting a 7" cake)

125g bittersweet chocolate, dihiris (I used cooking chocolate, rather sweet)
120ml heavy cream (I used non-dairy cream, for pastries and topping)
8ml dark rum (omitted)

  1. Masukkan coklat yang dihiris ke dalam mangkuk.
  2. Didihkan cream dalam periuk kecil di atas api kecil. Didihkan hingga timbul buih-buih ditepi periuk.
  3. Masukkan hirisan coklat dan kacau guna whisk hingga cair dan sebati. Masukkan rum jika suka (ku mana letak).
  4. Tutup api dan biarkan sejuk pada suhu bilik sebelum dituang atas kek. Ni bagi membolehkan molekul-molekul coklat sebati dengan cream.
  5. Kalau nak guna untuk frosting atau filling, simpan di dalam peti ais (sebaiknya semalaman) sebelum dipukul hingga gebu dan ringan (cream akan bertukar warna coklat cair).

In the inside

Sebab whipping cream memang dah manis dan coklatnya pun agak manis, jadi ganache dia pun manis. Seeloknya guna bittersweet chocolate kalau whipping cream memang dah sedia manis. Hehe..

For assembling the Black Forest cake, just cut the cake into desired layers. Then on the first layer, spread the ganache, and top it with marachinos cherries (I used blueberry filling).Put the second layer on top, spread the ganache and top it again with cherries. Then put the third and do the same thing again till the last layer. During the last layer, just cover all the cake with ganache (sides included) and pipe whipped cream around the borders. Then just top it off with cherries. You could also put rice chocolate around the cake but I'm just too lazy to do it :p

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Resepi Donut - My Comment? Besttt!

Hmmm.. Dah berapa hari berturut-turut buat donut. Sebabnya? Topik sukee makan. Janji Topik makan, mak tak kisah berkerja keras ;) sebab dia memang memilih gak nak makan :P

Malam tadi buat donut tapi reserve untuk makan pagi tadi. Goreng sikit bagi deactivate-kan yeast dia (jangan bagi keperangan, sekadar luar putih-perang) pastu sejukkan jap baru disimpan dalam freezer. Pagi tadi keluarkan jap pastu goreng. Sonang sangat, hehehe... Next time keinginan nak makan (atau ada tetamu datang, hehe) tinggal goreng je. Yang bestnya walaupun camtu donut tetap fresh dan gebu. Pulak tu dapat makan hot and fresh from the kuali :p

Takleh nak tulis panjang-panjang, Topik jap lagi panggil la ni (nak susu la apa lagi) jadi terus ke resepinya. Resepi dari Asal bentuk pintal tapi terap bulat-bulat bagi senang Topik pegang. Thanks Yani, memang tak sentuh lagi dah resepi donut lain. Kekeke...

Bread-like texture inside- Crunchy on the outside, soft in the inside.
Resepi Donut (dalam 8-10 biji)

Bahan-bahan ( 8 biji )
200g tepung roti
20g gula
1/2 sudu kecil garam
1 sudu kecil dry yeast
140ml susu segar
20g butter
minyak masak untuk menggoreng
sugar powder

  1. Masukkan tepung, gula dan garam ke dalam mangkuk. Kacau.
  2. Buat lubang ditengah. Masukkan susu dan dry yeast. Kacaukan sedikit.
  3. Masukkan pula butter. Kacau sehingga sekata.Keluarkan dari mangkuk dan letakkan atas papan canai.
  4. Uli sehingga tak melekat ditangan
  5. Buatkan bentuk bulat.
  6. Masuk semula ke dalam mangkuk. Tutupkan dengan plastik wrap atau kain lembab. Biar naik 2 kali ganda
  7. Buat finger test untuk uji doh naik ke tidak. Kalau lekat kesan jari, bermakna dah naik.
  8. Canaikan biar jadi bentuk seperti dalam gambar lebih kurang 15cm
  9. Bahagikan kepada bahagian. Rehatkan selama 5-6 minit
  10. Uli biar jadi bentuk panjang
  11. Kemudian pulaskan seperti dalam gambar
  12. Rapatkan kedua-dua hujung. Doh akan jadi berpintal seperti dalam gambar. Lekat kuat-kuat antara hujung supaya tak terbuka semasa menggoreng. Penaikkan lagi sehingga 1.5 kali ganda.
  13. Goreng dengan api sederhana sehingga nampak perang. Sekali-sekala perlu dibalik-balikkan supaya betul-betul masak.

N/B: Nak yang bergambar boleh dirujuk di sini.