Friday, June 26, 2009


Aku teringin nak makan kek tapi... Tahaaan... Arghhh...

Hanya Tuhan saja yang tahu...

Aku teringin...

A Short Story = Kak Su's Gift? The story of the Spoon, Cup, and Bowl

Can't sleep a wink.

Blog's picking up dead spiders, dried-up moths, and months-old cobwebs.

Told hubby I've got nothing worthwhile to write about and that's a fact. Truth is, I find it all boring to write about meagre stuff like, what I did today, what I eat today, what I cook today, etc. etc., though it was fun while it lasted (the passion, I mean).

Hubby suggested I did something that could make money, such as writing about education, politics, my old research (Master's la), or something.

I said I'd give it a thought and I did. Hence, the absence of sleepiness from my eyes.

Berangan punya berangan I suddenly remembered my Taufiq's gift he got when he was a baby. It was a set of spoon, cup, and bowl he got from Auntie Su (Kak Su).

Imagine punya imagine, I miraculously and speedily managed to type a short story related to the three items. Don't mind me, but I'm feeling mighty pleased with myself and I'm dedicating it to my son, who hopefully will one day understand what the heck his momma is story-moring about :P



One morning, after Taufiq was finishing his breakfast of milk and cereals, and went off to have his bath, the Spoon started bragging to the Cup and Bowl.

“Taufiq likes using me best because I’m as green as the grass and he likes licking me after each meal,” boasted the Spoon.

Both the Cup and Bowl looked at each other and started laughing out loud.

“That’s nonsense,” snapped the Cup. “Taufiq likes me best because he always drinks his milk from me and I’m bright yellow like the sun.”

The Bowl scowled. “No, that’s not true,” said the Bowl. “I’m Taufiq’s favourite because I’m as red as a fire engine and he always eats his meal from me.”

The Spoon, Cup, and Bowl started quarreling who was better than the other. None of them thought the other was better than itself, and all of them thought they were far more important than their friends.

One day, Taufiq’s mother was in a hurry and forgot to give Taufiq his Spoon. Instead, she just gave him his Cup of milk and Bowl of cereals.

Little Taufiq looked at his meal and said out loud, “Mommy didn’t give me my Spoon. So I’d better try and eat without it.”

So little Taufiq tried to eat his cereals without his Spoon by slurping from his Bowl. But he found it very difficult and very messy. All his cereals dripped down his chin and made him very wet.

“I can’t eat my cereals without my Spoon,” said Taufiq aloud. “I have to use my Spoon to eat from my Bowl.”

And so Taufiq pushed aside his meal and went off to have his morning bath.

The next day, Taufiq’s mother was in a hurry again and this time she forgot to give Taufiq his Cup of milk.

Little Taufiq looked at his breakfast and said out loud, “This time mommy didn’t give me my Cup of milk. So I guess I’d better go without it.”

And so little Taufiq started eating with his Spoon and Bowl of cereals. But halfway through his breakfast, he began to feel rather thirsty.

“I can’t finish my cereals,” said Taufiq. “Eating makes me thirsty and there’s no drink to make the thirst go away.”

And so little Taufiq set aside his Spoon and Bowl and went off to have his bath.

Again, the next day, Taufiq’s mother was in a bit of a rush and forgot to give Taufiq his morning Bowl of cereals. Instead, she just gave him his Spoon and Cup of milk.

Little Taufiq sat down for his morning breakfast and looked at his meal.

“There are no cereals,” said wee little Taufiq. “So I guess I just have my morning drink then.”

And he gulped down all his milk. However, he was still feeling very hungry in the stomache.

“That milk made my thirst go away, but I’m still very hungry,” said Taufiq out loud. Then he got up to have his morning bath.

The next morning, Taufiq’s mother remembered to give Taufiq his Spoon, Cup of Milk, and Bowl of cereals.

Little Taufiq beamed down as he looked at his Spoon, Cup, and Bowl.

“Now I can have my breakfast and finish it all up,” said Taufiq. And he did.

The Spoon, Cup, and Bowl looked at each other sheepishly.

“I guess we were all wrong,” said the Spoon. “None of us are important without each other.”

“Taufiq can’t eat his cereals without the Spoon, eventhough I was here,” said the Bowl. “He can’t spoon his meal into his mouth. And he can’t finish his meal if he doesn’t have his Cup of milk.”

“I’m useless without the Bowl,” said the Spoon. “Taufiq can’t use me when he has nothing to eat.”

“We are all important, though we didn’t know it,” said the Cup wisely. “But now that we know we are useless without each other, let’s not quarrel anymore.”

And after that little episode, they never did.


A simple story but I hope full of moral. Maybe next time I'll have another inspiration and post another short story. By the way, my Taufiq's spoon, cup, and bowl are all aquamarine green and not as colourful as the above tale. Ta!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Resepi Homemade Marshmallows

As usual, a non-working ol' momma will always find plenty of time in her hands when everyone's having forty-winks, especially if her stomache's growling with hunger.

Armed with a cuppa tea (or milo), she finds herself switching on the laptop and slurping languidly on a bowl of warm porridge, while her ears are keen for any sounds of mewling from her sleeping son.

Without any real reason for turning on the laptop, she suddenly decided to snap a picture of her recently accomplished work- a small mountain of yummy marshmallows. Quickly but surely, she aimed the camera at a plate of prearranged marshies, and took a shot. Quietly but deftly, she saved the picture in her laptop, and single-mindedly signed in to her cob-webby and long-abandoned Blogspot account.

With light fingers and firmed resolution, she started typing a small and neat story of her work, while now and then pausing for the right words.

Feeling satisfied, she clicked on the icon to upload the picture, and pausing to straighten her aching back, she blinked to clear her tired eyes and started clearing away the dirty dishes, at the same time keeping an eye and ear open for anything suspicous.

Feeling a little exhausted, the non-working ol' momma listlessly draped herself down on the chair and took a brief but thorough look at her story. Satisfied, she clicked on the 'Published Post' icon, waited it to be published in her Blog, and without bothering to view her blog, signed out of her account and shut down the laptop.

A plate of strawberry marshmallows, curtesy of the ol' non-working momma

The End.

Resepi Homemade Marshmallows

Bahan-bahan ( Bergantung pada saiz potongan )

1/4 cawan tepung jagung**
1/3 cawan confectioner sugar@gula icing **
21gm gelatin
1/3 cawan air
2/3 cawan gula
1/2 cawan corn syrup (boleh juga ganti dengan glucose syrup)
secubit garam
1 sudu kecil esen vanilla
pewarna (optional)

  1. Ayak tepung jagung bersama confectioner sugar, ketepikan buat sementara.
  2. Satukan gelatin bersama air, biarkan terendam selama 5 minit. Kemudian masukkan gula, panaskan dengan api kecil sehingga gula larut.
  3. Dalam bekas lain, satukan bancuhan gelatin tadi, corn syrup, vanilla, garam dan pewarna. Pukul dengan speed paling laju selama 15 minit.
  4. Sediakan loyang 8x8 inci. Sapukan sedikit minyak, kemudian taburkan tepung jagung & confectioner sugat tadi. taburkan pada dasar & bahagian teping loyang.
  5. Tuang bancuhan ke dalam loyang, kemudian biarkan mengeras sehingga 2 jam.
  6. Bila dah ready, potong dengan pisau basah ataupun terap dengan acuan yang telah dibasahkan dengan air.
  7. Salutkan dengan lebihan tepung jagung & sugar tadi. Biarkan betul2 kering baru simpan dalam botol kedap udara.