Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's a dead, tiring, and torturous week

It's been a couple of weeks since I last updated my blog. It's not as if I haven't anything to write about. To be honest, I've been pretty busy arranging some new-bought furnitures at home. Hehe...

About a month ago hubby's been talking about this simple yet nice dressing table he saw at a furniture shop. It's not too expensive, just right for a simple ol' non-working momma like me (I don't do make-up. Never have and p'bably never will. So it'll p'bably stay empty except for my hair brush and perfumes if I bought it, huhu). N'ways, he said it was 'just nice' and said he could picture me sitting on the stool, doing my hair in front of the mirror. Cewah... He also said he scouted out a few almari baju and kitchen counters, well within our budget, so to say. If there's a small coffee table we'll probably buy one too, he added.

So one fine morning (it was last Sunday) we went to Perdana Furniture shop in Tawau to look at these 'fine' things. As usual, when planned to buy three things we ended up with six instead. The other three? Well, we couldn't find a small coffee table that's not been 'attached' to a set of sofas (mahal beb beli satu set semata2 nak meja :p ), so instead we bought a Mickey Mouse cupboard for our clothes, two kitchen counters for my kitchen appliances, a desk for my hubby's PC, a dressing table, and an office chair (ala2 big boss punya).

As always, after buying new furnitures there's no other thing in our minds than to think "Mana aku nak letak sume benda ni?". Huhuhu... And so begins the tale of moving old furnitures about the house to 'accomodate' these 'newly-arrivals'.

Phewww... It's no joke man buying six furnitures at once. First, you got to scrub 'em clean. Second, you got to line 'em with paper so that it's much easier to clean them later. Third, you got to move 'em around till you're satisfied with the results. And it's not just new furnitures that has got to be rubbed down. The old ones needs to be scrubbed too to get rid of the Cicak Man's cousin's poop (paham2 jelah eh). And if that's not bad, you need to scrub the floors too to get rid of grime, dirt, and fallen Cicak Man's poop. Good grief. Just thinking about it makes me tired. So I guess I'll turn in now. Cheerio!

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