Thursday, December 11, 2008

The newly improved butter icing


Tomorrow I'm going to invite some friends over for dinner for the first time since I married. Huhu... Debau-debau gak hati ku ini. Hope nothing gets burnt or anything or tastes cempelang. Sometimes my tastebuds just run away from me when I'm feeling a bit under the weather, especially now it's always raining. Hingusan le memanjang.

Muahaha... Made a butter icing for the third time using the same ingredients as the last but omitting a cupful or two of icing sugar and replacing it with white chocolate. Looks kinda appetizing, but I haven't tasted it yet with the cake I baked yesterday, 'cause I've been saving it for tomorrow's dinner party. Huhu... Fuuh fuuuh... Bior la sodap dan jadi icing dia.

So here's what it looks like with the newly improved icing:

White chocolate icing
Amacam? Lawa tak? Believe it or not, it took me TWO 1/2 days to decorate this cake. It's dugaan besar having a kid who's always demanding us to play/berborak/kendong/menyusu/etc him everytime we want to do something really important. 'Nways, the cake weighs about 500g+-, and I made two batches (the other I served it for some guests who came for Raya Haji. Didn't take a picture of it but it was decorated quite simply. All my guests were kids, by the way. Huhu...)

Oh yeah, the day before Raya Haji a friend of my hubby's ordered a cake from me. Naturally, I was quite suprised and rather nervous 'cause I never had any experience in selling anything. Bab bagi orang saje2 makan tu ada la. Haha... So I made the usual moist chocolate cake and got two batches (my pengukus was an old periuk nasi and couldn't fit a baking pan more than 8 inches so I had to use a smaller one). After a lot of stopping to layan Taufiq and preparing for Raya Haji I managed to decorate the cakes around midnight till 3 o'clock. Huhu... Mamai gak dibuatnya.

P/S: So sorry Kak Ti if the cakes were a bit comot2. Mata dah kabur dek tak cukup tidur 2 hari. Huhuhu... Otak pun dah tepu dah sampai tak pikiaq macam mana nak tapau balik. Ya ampuuun...

And here's what they looked like before being eaten:

1st Chocolate cake

2nd chocolate cake

Yawnnn... I think I'll go beddy-bye now. It's late and there's a whole day of work in front of me. See ya later aligator. Ciao!

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