Monday, December 1, 2008

My Kid Just Tiarap By Himself

I never knew why people, especially women, go completely ga-ga over babies. Be it the tot's cute or a newborn who's as shrivelled as a month-old apple left in the fridge. Until I found myself going completely bonkers over other momma's babies a few days ago, at my hubby's friend's house-opening night.

I had always thought people go ga-ga on purpose. You know, like mengampu si emak baby. But now that I have my own baby kid I find it was a natural feeling to be ga-ga over them. It doesn't matter if it was your own kid or someone else's. Must be because of the motherly feeling deep inside ourselves. Truth be told, before I was married I never did feel more than a little bit bemused over these holy terrors. Then suddenly I have two nieces who're the most Terror Twins in the whole of Malaysia. They're the cutest things imaginable, but also the most hyper-active, terror-screaming, big brown-eyed, adorable two-year olds I've ever laid my eyes on. And they also have the curliest, loveliest hair I absolutely envy ;p

Mayday! Mayday! Omigosh! Just as I'm typing this my Taufiq just did a tiarap all by himself! And he ain't screaming (yet). Huhu... That's my boy! He's taking some deep breaths to angkat his kepala (which is pretty heavy I guess. It's bigger than his butt anyway, huhu...)

Yikes! Look at the time! Gotta go, me babe's smelling a wee bit smelly 'cause he ain't got his bath yet due to getting up late. Till we meet again, adios!

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