Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The meanderings of an old non-working momma

It's an ordeal trying to decorate a cake with your lil' one wailing and yelling in the background. The result? A very comot cake. But hopefully still tasty :P

Now he's on my lap, konon2 trying to type something on the keyboard like a budak kecik perasan besar. Huhu... He's even swinging his legs to the music like a big budak kecik, the lil tyke. Arghhhh... Tu la akibatnya tido awal. He's hyperactive during midnight, forcing his mother to 'play' with him (play what I dunno la, haha. Malam buta dah. Matahari pun dah lolap).

Next week he's getting his six-month shot. I dunno how this kid stands it but it gives me the willies just getting inject with a syringe every time for my three-monthly perancang keluarga. Huuaaahh... Lobang2 badan den.

Well. Guess I'll try and dodoi me big little boy. Ta!


Ummie said...

getting done with ol your furnitures huh?? uiii, 'all- new' house la after this. haha. one benefit for being non-working momma is you dont have to think about maid. but for me... wawawaaaaaaaaaaaa.. im dead. thinking bout my lil'one make my kepala pening. ... zack, kalau buat cake coklat, jangan lupa jemput. hahaha. sedap la haritu punye. serius ni..

Zack Zachoes said...

Huhuhu...made another cake coklat again last night. As usual, got interupted by my big lil' boy in the middle of icing the cake. Two cakes, actually. One's a regular round shape, the other's a teddy bear. Cute, tapi jenuh nak icing. Hahaha...... Kak Su, testing uat stawberry icing semalam. Wangi, lawa n sedap gak. Nak buat pilot test dulu, tu rasmikan dulu tadi sebelum berani nak ajak lagi. Huhu... Rasa ok leh lah ajaks lagi. Ahaks... Asek meneksperimen jek kat dapur :P