Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hibernating Mood

No recipes for today. I'm seriously in a very lazy mood and just don't have the energy to think about editting/modifying/adapting any new recipes to suit this hard-to-please palate of mine. For the time being, my blog will be empty of any new tricks or tips or recipes, but I'll try to answer any comments or questions should I be online at that moment. I don't know what's gotten over me, probably I need a LONG break in some nice quiet place, in a remote part of Sabah, just letting myself think about something else that has nothing to do whatsoever with cakes or cake decorations. *Sigh*

For the time being, take a look at the latest cake I made a few days/weeks back (can't remember when). It's an American Chocolate cake, made it loads of time so you'll probably be rolling your eyes by now. *Double sigh*

American chocolate cake, crumb coated with non-dairy whipping cream with a bit of ganache, then poured with ganache on the whole cake

Tips on how to get a smooth ganache can be seen here. But it's all in Bahasa Melayu unfortunately. For the cake recipe you may refer to this link.

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