Sunday, August 30, 2009

A BZ Week- And A VERY Special Break Fast

How time flies when you're bz!

Yup, it has been a very busy week for us, especially your's truly. Hubby's friend, Wilson, wanted to order a cheesecake a few days back, so I made a sample for him to taste, to see if it's to his liking.

You know cheesecakes. They never taste the same, as there are plenty of different kinds of recipes to choose from. Some are dense, others are airy and light, and a few are velvety and smooth. Anyway, I made a Cotton Soft Japanese Cheesecake as a sample, which to both my husband and I, tastes just like eating pure, creamy cheese. Personally, we like non-baked blueberry cheesecake the best as the presence of yoghurt adds a delicious tang to the cheesecake. I don't have the recipe at the moment but one day I'll make another and upload the recipe with its picture. Oh yeah, anyone who's interested can order a cotton soft japanese cheesecake, about 400g for RM15 or so, anytime, anyday. Cheesecakes are supposedly to be expensive but I'll give a discount (eventhough cream cheese here are frightfully expensive than Semenanjung :p).

Chock-full of cream cheese
Back to the story. After a hard week's worth of work (doing what? Experimenting of course!), I just didn't have the time (and energy) to fix a difficult meal. So my hubby gallantly offered to cook today, making a delicious Nasi Beriani ala Gam style and Daging Beriani to break our fast. And truthfully, he made it better than I ever will! The recipe? Maybe later, there's a lot of ingredients involved and I just don't have the energy to type a looong story :p

Nasi Beriani ala Gam style- just put the Daging Beriani in a pot and top it with the cooked Nasi Beriani, then leave it to cook again slowly (though he did it his way and did it the other way round :p)

A simple dish- but full of flavour

The cook's been on strike for a week (lesu sebenarnya :p) and didn't have any ideas to for break-fasting meals but she'll be back tomorrow (hopefully) with a new recipe that's never been tried and tested. See ya!

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